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A catalogue of engravers, who haven been born, or resided in England digested by Horace Walpole from the mss. of George Vertue; to which is added an account of the life and works of the latter A Catalogue of Engravers Thomas Geminus, or Geminie Remigius Hogenbergh Francis Hogenbergh Dr. William Cunygham Ralph Aggas Humphry Cole John Bettes William Rogers Christopher Saxton George Hoefnagle Theodore de Brie Robert Adams Reginald Elstracke Francis Delaram Crispin Pass William Pass Magdalen Pass Simon Pass John Payne Joannes Barra John Norden William Hole or Holle Jo Docus Hondius Henry Hondius A. Bloom Thomas Cockson Peter Stent William Dolle Deodate R. Meighan Thomas Cecill Robert Vaughan William Marshal G. Glover Henry Peacham Robert de Voerst Luke Vosterman Martin Droeshout H. Stock H. Vanderborcht T. Slater Thomas Cross S. Savery J. Goddard J. Dickson A. Hertocks J. Chantry F. H. van Hove Rotermans Francis Barlow R. Gaywood Dudley and Carter Mr. Francis Place J. Savage Mr. William Lodge William Sherwin Joseph Nutting William Faithorne [Classes] I. II. III. IV. and V. Heads [A Catalogue of Engravers] William Faithorne, junior John Fillian Peter Lombart James Gammon Robert Thacker William Skillman John Dunstall J. Brown Prince Rupert Wallerant Vaillant Mr. John Evelyn David Loggan Abraham Blooteling Gerard Valck Edward le Davis Lightfoot Michael Burghers Peter Vanderbank Nicholas Yeates and John Collins William Clarke John Clarke R. Tompson Paul Vansomer Robert White George White Arthur Soly Hamlet Winstanley Burnford Isaac Oliver John Drapentiere William Elder John Sturt Mr. Lutterel Isaac Becket Mr. John Smith Simon Gribelin Sir Nicholas Dorigny Charles Dupuis Claude Dubosc Lewis du Guernier George Bickham S. Coignard T. Johnson John Kip George King S. Nichols Joseph Simpson Peter van Gunst Robert, or Roger Williams W. Wilson Michael Vandergutch John Vandergutch Claud David Chereau, junior Bernard Lens Samuel Moore Scotin Mr. English Henry Hulsberg John Faber John Faber, junior Edward Kirkall James Christopher Le Blon John Simon L. Boitard B. Baron Henry Gravelot John Pine Arthur Pond Henry Fletcher Carey Creed Joseph Wagner Thomas Preston John Laguerre Peter Fourdriniere John Green The Life of Mr. George Verture List of Vertue's Works [Classes] I. Royal Portraits II. Noblemen III. Ladies IV. Bishops V. Clergymen VI. Chancellors, Judges, Lawyers VII. Ministers, and Gentlemen VIII. Physicians, etc. IX. Founders, Benefactors, etc. X. Antiquaries, Authors, Mathematicians XI. Poets and Musicians XII. Foreigners XIII. Historic Prints, and Prints with two or more Portraits XIV. Tombs XV. Plans, Views, Churches, Buildings, etc. XVI. Coins, Medals, Busts, Seals, Charters, Gems, and Shells XVII. Frontispieces, Head and Tail-Pieces XVIII. Miscellaneous Index of Names of Engravers, ranged according to the Times in which they lived Index of Names of Engravers, ranged alphabetically Carmina quaedam elegantissima Ex mar. Antonii Flaminii epistolis. Ad al. Farnesium card. Ad hier. Turrianum Ad ulyss. Bassianum Ad galat. Florimon. Philalethem Ad Petrum Carnescum Ad Ubertum Folietam Ad Ludov. Strozzam Ad Petrum Victorium Ad Carol. Valterutium Ad Christophorum Longolium Ad Honoratum Fascitellum Ad Hieronymum Fracastorium Ad Petrum Viperam Ad Hieronymum Pontanum
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